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The vision of Pueblo South High School is to ensure that all students cultivate a deep sense of academic and social responsibility, thereby preparing them to be strong, productive citizens.


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SHSAF Board of Directors






  President Michael W. Carlisle
  Class of 1965
  Fireworks explosion expert
  Retired Vail fireman









  Vice President Pat Mara
  Class of 1966
  Retired, Teacher of Mathematics
  SHS Hall of Fame Member









  Secretary John Belcher
  Class of 1967

  Oil and Gas Exploration, 20/20 Exploration LLC, Denver










  Treasurer Mike Castellucci
  Class of 1991
  Bank of the San Juans, Pueblo





Board Members (At-Large)






  Susan Roles Adamich, Banquet Committee
  Class of 1969
  Local Historian, Pueblo Heritage Museum Board Member









  Steve Anselmo
  Class of 1982
  Engineer, Pueblo Water Board









  Aaron Bravo
  Class of 1987
  South High School Principal









  Troy Harris
  Class of 1988
  Newsletter Editor, Web Administrator










  Dwight Hunter
  Past President, SHS Alumni Foundation
  Class of 1965
  Retired Automobile Dealer









  Katie Madic
  Class of 2020
  Student Representative
  Senior Class









  Tom Mauro
  Class of 1965
  SVP Wells Fargo Services Co.









  Gerry Montgomery
  Class of 1975
  Co-Owner, Montgomery & Steward Funeral Directors, Pueblo
  SHS Hall of Fame Member









  Amy Nelson
  Class of 2019
  Student Representative









  Ron Padilla
  Class of 1975
  Director of Marketing, Sangre de Cristo Hospice, Pueblo
  Owner of Net Security, Part-Owner of Park East Restaurant, Pueblo









  David Robb
  Retired English and Journalism Teacher
  SHS Faculty









  Kristen MeadowsSpicola
  Class of 2000
  Finance Division Manager
  Pueblo Water Board









  Cassie Stephens
  Class of 1991

  Branch Manager, Pueblo

  Land Title Guarantee Company










  Dr. Chris Stjernholm
  Class of 1965

  Retired, owner of Pueblo Cardiology Associates










  Ray Sullivan
  Class of 1965
  Past President, SHS Alumni Foundation
  Retired. Newspaper Publisher









  Jarrett Sweckard
  SHS Assistant Principal
  Athletic Director
  Activities Director









  Kathrine Thomson
  SHS Faculty Representative andTeacher
  SHS Hall of Fame Member









  John West
  Class of 1965
  Retired Physicist 
  Rocky Flats Plant









  Class of 1967
  Chair, Hall of Fame Committee
  Past Superintendent, Pueblo City Schools





Emeritus Board Members






  Rochelle Roark Critchett
  Class of 1966










  Jackie Coyne Helzer
  Class of 1985










  Steve Shirley
  Class of 1975
  SHS Hall of Fame Member
  Vice President, Information Technology/Chief Information Officer

  Parkview Medical Center









  Sharon Price Swerdfeger
  Class of 1965
  Co-Owner, K.R. Swerdfeger Construction, Pueblo









  Jim Wessely
  Retired, SHS Principal




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