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South High School Alumni association wants to honor our military, past and present. South High patrons may add the information for current and past South High students who have or are currently serving in the military.


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Army Commendation Medal



2/24/2015 11:38 AM
Name: Steve Duarte
Class: 1970
Years Attended: 1967-1970
Service Branch: United States Marine Corps
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Outfit: Several
Years Served: 29
Deployments: Worldwide
Phone: 303-210-0827


Date: 2/21/2015 6:07 PM
Name: Ray Potter
Class: 66
Years Attended: 63-66
Service Branch: Navy
Rank: E-4
Outfit: Camp Pendelton, CA, San diego
Years Served: 6303-210-0827


Deployments: Active Duty (regular Army); Vietnam; Fitzsimons Army Hospital/Denver; Thailand;Korea 1972-75; California National Guard (NG); Los Angeles 1995-97
Awards: Broze Star Medal; Vietnam Service Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry (Unit); Good Conduct Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Overseas Service Medal; Armed Forces Expeditionary Metal; California Commendation Medal; Expert-Pistol;Expert-Rifle
Date: 2/19/2014 4:58 PM
Name: Nick Uhernik
Class: 72
Years Attended: 1969-72
Service Branch: U.S. Army
Rank: Sergeant
Outfit: 95-Btavo-40 (M.O.S.)
Years Served: 1972-1975;1995-1997



Date: 12/15/2012 3:01 AM
Name: Sam Bole
Class: 1964
Years Attended: 3
Service Branch: air force
Rank: colonel
Outfit: f-4 phantom fighter & u-2
Years Served: 28
Deployments: All over the world!!


Name: Claude "Butch" Chavez
Class: 1964
Years Attended: 1960
Service Branch: USAF
Rank: E-4 (Staff Sgt)
Outfit: Strategic Air Command/Tactical Air Command/633rd Combat Support
Years Served: 1964 - 1968
Deployments: Lackland AFB, TX - Schilling AFB, KS - Biggs, AFB, TX - Tan-San-Nut AFB, South VIetnam - Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam - Pleiku AB, South Vietnam, George AFB, VIcterville CA.
Awards: will update



Name: Steve G. Cunningham III

Class: 1960
Years Attended: 1 / first graduating class
Service Branch: Navy
Rank: AC3 Air Ops (Air controlman)
Outfit: USS Enterprise
Years Served: four 1961-65
Deployments: Mediterranean, Operation Sea Orbit
Awards: Unknown, he passed away 1983
Phone: n/a





Date: 11/29/2012 8:44 PM
Name: Ron Ferguson
Class: 1965
Years Attended: 1963-1965
Service Branch: U.S. Air Force
Rank: Staff Sgt
Years Served: 4
Deployments: Osan, Korea; Hastings, Nebr; Condon Oregon

Name: Terry Hill
Class: 1973
Years Attended: 3
Service Branch: Army
Rank: E-4
Outfit: 2nd Inf Div Military Police
Years Served: 3





Name: John W. Jackson
Class: 1965
Years Attended: 1963-1965
Service Branch: U.S. Air Force
Rank: E-4 Sgt
Outfit: Personnel/Plattsburgh AFB
Years Served: 1966-1969
Deployments: Plattsburg Air Force Base, Plattsburgh, NY ENT Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO



Date: 11/8/2012 3:25 PM
Name: Shawn Kelly
Class: 1988
Years Attended: 1984-1988
Service Branch: U.S. Navy
Rank: E5
Outfit: Uss Raleigh LPD-1, Naval Hosp. Portsmouth Va., Naval Hosp. San Diego Ca.
Years Served: 1988-1995
Deployments: Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Awards: Combat Action, Naval Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Good Conduct, National Defense, Desert Shield/Storm (Two Stars), Sea Service, Kuwaiti Liberation



Name: Calvin "Buddy" Kline
Class: 66
Years Attended: 64-66
Service Branch: U.S. Air Force
Rank: SSgt, E-5
Outfit: 81st Security Police Squadron
Years Served: 1967-1971
Deployments: 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, RAF Bentwaters, England




Date: 11/8/2012 9:31 AM
Name: Tom Lash
Class: 1965
Years Attended: 1963-65
Service Branch: USMC
Rank: E-4 Corporal
Years Served: 1966 - 1969
Deployments: Camp Pendleton, CA Okinawa




Date: 11/8/2012 4:36 PM
Name: Brian (Ben) Marich
Class: 1965
Years Attended: 1962-1965
Service Branch: United States Marine Corps
Rank: Corporal
Outfit: H&HS-1, HML-367
Years Served: 1966-68
Deployments: Vietnam: Danang, Quang Tri, Phu Bai, DMZ, TET




Name: Thomas M. Mauro
Class: 1965
Years Attended: 1963-65
Service Branch: U.S. Army
Rank: 1LT
Outfit: U.S. Army Computer Systems Command
Years Served: 1971-73
Deployments: Ft. Ben Harrison, IN.; Ft. Belvoir, VA
Awards: Army Commendation Medal



Name: Sal Santos
Class: 1966
Years Attended: 1963 - 1966
Service Branch: U.S.M.C.
Rank: Sargent
Outfit: 1st & 3rd Marine Divisions
Years Served: 1966-1970
Deployments: Vietnam: 1st tour of duty Feb.1968 thru April 1969. 2nd tour of duty June 1969 thru July 1970. Went to Jungle Expert and Guerilla Warefare School in Panama in 1967. Served as a machine gunner , then as a squad leader when I was promoted to Sgt. . Saw combat action in the TET Offensive of 1968. Also at Hue,Dong Ha, Con Thien,The Rockpile,Camp Carroll,Gio Lihn,The DMZ,Cam Lo,Chu Li and Da Nang.
Awards: Good Conduct Metal, Combat Action Ribbon, American Defense Metal, Vietnam Campain Metal, Vietnam Service Metal and the Vietnamese Cross of Gall entry Metal.




Name: Nathan Solano
Class: 1968
Years Attended: 1966-1968
Service Branch: army
Rank: Sergeant
Outfit: Americal Division/ Recon, 1st Infantry Division
Years Served: too many
Deployments: Viet Nam
Awards: Bronze Star, 3 Air Medals, Combat Infantry Badge




Date: 11/8/2012 7:41 PM
Name: Tom Thompson
Class: 1967
Years Attended: 1964-1967
Service Branch: Army
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Outfit: 3rd Battalion, 61st Air Defense
Years Served: 1973-1977
Deployments: Germany
Awards: Army Commendation Medal



Date:   1/13/2012 10:42 AM
Name:   Marvin L. Wilson
Class:   1965
Years Attended:   1963-1965
Service Branch:   Army
Rank:   SPC 4
Outfit:   501ST Sig BN 101ST ABN Div
Years Served:   1966-69
Deployments:   Vietnam Dec 1967 to May 1969
Awards:   National Defense Service Medal,Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal,Parachutist Badge.







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