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  • Complete all requested information on the form below and submit by January 31, 2024, for induction in the fall of the current year.

  • You should download the PDF form on this page. Nominations should be sent to South High School Alumni Foundation, PO Box 1065, Pueblo, CO 81002, or they may be scanned and sent to:

  •  Nominations should include at least one to three letters of recommendation, each no more than one letter-size page long. The letter should stress achievement, leadership, community service, citizenship, and character to meet the criteria of the SHSAF. 

  • The forms and letters will be retained by the South High School Alumni Foundation.

  • Factors of race, religion, creed, or sex will not be considered while evaluating candidates for nomination.

  • The criteria are as follows:

  • Alumni recipients must have attended at least one year at, and have graduated from, South High School.

  • Recipients must have been out of high school at least 5 years.

  • South High School faculty, administration, staff, parents, and volunteers may be considered even though they have not graduated from South High School. In this case, the candidate must have sound credentials as significant contributors to South High School and the community at large.

  • Solicitation of candidates for the SHSAF Hall Of Fame will be made to the community at large, South High School Alumni, and the current South High School student body, etc.

  • Inductees must be of strong moral character and standing in Pueblo and the communities in which they have resided. Inductees must continue to exhibit good citizenship after induction or face removal from the SHSAF Hall Of Fame.

  • of endeavor, and recognized on a city-, state-, nation- or other legitimate areasInductees must have achieved significant standing in academics, business, healthcare, education, nonprofit, government, the arts, music, entertainment, or world-wide basis. Athletic achievement may be considered only after having left South High School. The South High School Hall Of Champions will continue to recognize athletes for achievements while at South High School. Recipients should represent the diversity of South High School and the Pueblo community.

  • Recipients must want to receive the award and attend the event, unless unable to do so because of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Recipients must be willing to pay for their own travel expenses to and from the unless approved by the SHSAF board in advance of induction. Event proceedings are complimentary to inductees and a guest of their choosing. Attempts will be made to mitigate expenses through sponsorship regarding travel, hotels, etc.event,

  • Recipients must be willing to share their story and achievements with the press, the current SHS student body, and speak briefly at the event.

  • Recipients may receive the award posthumously.

  • There is no limit on the number of awards in a year, but the length of the event may limit the number of inductees voted in each year.

  • SHSAF board members may not be considered for induction while serving on the board.

  • The SHSAF Board of Directors are solely responsible for the selection of the SHSAF Hall Of Fame Recipients and their decisions are final.

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SHSAF Hall Of Fame Online Nomination Form

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SHSAF Hall Of Fame Nomination Form

Download Nomination Form


 Click here to download the SHSAF Hall Of Fame.pdf Nomination Form and send your completed form and attachments to:


South High School Alumni Foundation

P.O. Box 1065

Pueblo, Colorado 81002

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