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2013 Hall of Fame Inductees


Warren Carere (retired principal)

Warren “Woe” Carere was the second principal of South High School, from 1973 through 1982. During his 30-year career in District 60 Carere also was principal not only of Centennial and Central high schools, and served in the East High School administration. Upon retirement he was director of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office from 1991 to 2001. He was also elected to the District 60 Board of Education and served for six years, the final two as president. He also was board chairman of the Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG) from 1994-95. From 1982 through 1991, Woe was an active board member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was a board member and president of the El Pueblo Boysʼ Ranch for six years, and was on the board of the Victims Assistance Law Enforcement (VALE) for three years.


Eddie Potestio ('81)

Eddie Potestio has been recognized as one of the country’s premier custom car builders and upholsterers,  Owner of Eddie’s Rods and Customs, he has built many national award-winning vehicles more than 25 years. Potestio’s vehicles have been featured in many magazines and on their covers. In 1999, Eddie was asked to build a car for the prestigious Las Vegas Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show.  He also has served on the Wyo Tech Street Rod Advisory Board and starred on Spike TV’s “Search and Rebuild,” where his metal-working skills were featured.


Tom Sanders ('66)

Tom Sanders founded the Wetmore Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center more than 30 years ago. Together with his wife, Cecilia, they helped establish the feasibility and acceptance of rehabilitating large wildlife species, including deer, elk, pronghorn, mountain lions and bears,;and documented the successful rehab and release of hundreds of these animals. He also has worked with most of the smaller species of Colorado wildlife. Tom taught science at Central High School for 28 years and used those skills to develop an ecologically friendly rehab center that uses wind and solar energy to keep the center off of the electric grid most of the year. In addition to his work with the Colorado DOW, Sanders takes in parrots, macaws and cockatoos that people no longer want or are able to care for.. He also owns, manages and operates a public water system for the TV Hills Subdivision near Wetmore.


Dr. Janet DiCiacco Seahorn ('65)

Dr.  Janet DiCiacco Seahorn graduated has been a teacher, administrator and consultant for more than 30 years. She spent much of her career in Jefferson County, CO, schools as a teacher and administrator. During that time, she also served as an adjunct professor for Regis University in Denver, University of Colorado, and Metro State College. Dr. Seahorn is currently a professor at Colorado State University, teaching classes in the School of Teacher Education on neuroscience, literacy and learning.  With her husband, Tony, they co-authored a book on trauma and the brain, with focus on the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) experienced by combat veterans. Their book, "Tears of a Warrior: a Family’s Story of Combat and Living with PTSD," is used by veterans centers and VA hospitals across the United States. They conduct workshops and appear as guest speakers for veteran groups and communities on PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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