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2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

Eddie Carleo.jpg

Ed Carleo, Class of 1965

Ed Carleo, a South High School Class of 1965 member, has exemplified exceptional leadership and dedication to community service throughout his career, earning him a rightful place in the South High School Alumni Foundation Hall of Fame. His tenure as the Executive Director & CEO of the Cheyenne YMCA marked a period of transformative growth and expansion for the organization, introducing innovative programs that significantly benefited the community, particularly families and veterans. Ed's vision and drive led to the creation of a comprehensive wellness center, the enhancement of childcare services, and the development of specialized programs that underscored his commitment to supporting those in need. Beyond his professional achievements, Carleo's volunteer efforts, especially with veterans, have showcased his compassion and unwavering dedication to giving back to the community. His work has not only improved the lives of countless individuals but also served as a beacon of leadership and philanthropy. Ed's legacy is a testament to the values of "Something Extra for South," embodying the spirit of service and excellence that South High School strives to instill in its alumni.

Tom Mauro.jpg

Tom Mauro, Class of 1965

Thomas Mauro, a distinguished member of South High School's Class of 1965, has woven a tapestry of professional distinction and community service that exemplifies the values championed by the South High School Alumni Foundation Hall of Fame. His academic journey, marked by a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Colorado and a magna cum laude Professional Engineer Degree in Mathematics and Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines, laid a solid foundation for a career characterized by innovation and leadership. Mauro's professional achievements span pivotal roles in technology and banking, notably at FirstBank Data Corporation and Wells Fargo Services, where he led the development and implementation of transformative technological solutions and strategic initiatives. Beyond his corporate successes, Mauro played a foundational role in establishing Destination Imagination, a global nonprofit that cultivates creativity and problem-solving skills among students worldwide. His pivotal contributions to the South High School Alumni Foundation, as one of its founding members, underscore his deep commitment to enhancing the educational landscape and community welfare of South High School. Through these endeavors, along with significant involvement in various civic, educational, and non-profit organizations, Mauro has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to fostering growth, excellence, and resilience in both professional and community settings. His life's work not only reflects the pinnacle of professional achievement and philanthropy but also embodies the spirit and legacy South High School strives to instill in every graduate.

Dr. Jo-Anna.jpg

Dr. Jo-Anna Reems, Class of 1969

Dr. Jo-Anna Reems, a distinguished alumna of South High School, class of 1969, exemplifies excellence and dedication in her pioneering work in the field of medicine and science. Following her formative years at South High, Dr. Reems embarked on an academic journey that led her to major in medical technology at Southern Colorado State College, transitioning her studies to the University of Colorado Boulder, where her passion for medical research deepened. Her postgraduate pursuits culminated in a doctorate in biochemistry, laying the groundwork for a career characterized by groundbreaking discoveries in biotherapies and cellular therapies. With a focus on hematopoietic stem cell research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Dr. Reems has been instrumental in developing innovative treatments for debilitating diseases, including strategies for platelet production and the advancement of umbilical cord blood banks. Her leadership extended beyond the laboratory to the patient's bedside, where she played a pivotal role in translating research into effective treatments. Holding a patent and made important contributions to the field of biotherapies with almost 80 publications in peer reviewed journals, Dr. Reems's contributions have not only advanced scientific understanding but have also significantly improved patient care, making her a worthy inductee into the South High School Hall of Fame.

Dr. Chris Stjernholm

Dr. Chris Stjerholm, Class of 1965

Dr. Chris Stjernholm's distinguished career as a cardiologist and his profound impact on his community make him an exemplary candidate for the South High School Hall of Fame. Following in his father's footsteps into medicine, Chris graduated from the Colorado University School of Medicine, before honing his expertise in cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. He then chose to serve the Pueblo community, significantly enhancing cardiac care by helping to establish the Pueblo Cardiologist Associates. This move consolidated nearly all practicing cardiologists under one roof, markedly improving cardiac healthcare availability in Pueblo and southern Colorado. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Chris is celebrated for his deep compassion, diagnostic acumen, and dedication to patient care, traits that have touched thousands of lives. Alongside his wife, Judy, Chris has also been a steadfast supporter of local education and health initiatives, contributing significantly to the welfare of the Pueblo community. His involvement with the South High Alumni Association and various other local organizations underscores his commitment to community service, embodying the values of leadership, character, and service sought in Hall of Fame inductees. Chris’ journey embodies a commitment to excellence, compassion, and service that transcends the ordinary, making his induction into the South High School Hall of Fame not just a celebration of his achievements but a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on the lives of many.


Dr. Penne (Lewis) Wilson, Class of 1966

Dr. Penne Wilson's induction into the South High School Hall of Fame stands as a testament to her exceptional journey from a distinguished alumna of the class of 1966 to a revered figure in education and organizational learning. Her academic journey, marked by a commitment to excellence, saw her earn degrees including a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo), a Master of Arts from the University of New Mexico, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology, solidifying her expertise in the field. Dr. Wilson's professional trajectory spans diverse roles, from her beginnings as a dedicated classroom teacher to her tenure as an Assistant Principal and Principal, where she continually advocated for innovative educational methodologies such as distance and online learning. Her groundbreaking initiatives, including collaborative projects with prestigious institutions and government bodies, showcased her pioneering spirit and dedication to advancing educational technology. Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Wilson's commitment to equity in education and community service has left an indelible mark, exemplified by her recognition as National Geographic's Teacher of the Year and her transformative leadership at Ralph J. Bunche Academy, where she tirelessly worked to empower students and uplift underserved communities. In retirement, Dr. Wilson's continued involvement in artistic and community endeavors reflects her enduring dedication to enriching lives and fostering creativity. Dr. Penne Wilson's induction into the Hall of Fame not only honors her remarkable contributions to education but also serves as an inspiration to current and future generations, illustrating the profound impact of dedication, innovation, and service on shaping the world for the better.

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