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Welcome to your redesigned South High School Alumni Foundation website


   The first major redesign of the Alumni group’s web page, in development since last year, was launched on Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2019.

   The new website address is the same as the old one:

   The biggest changes are not all visible; some are technical improvements. The new site was built by webmaster and Foundation board member Troy Harris.

   Better photo and video quality offer immediate visual improvement, too. And forms have been given a facelift for users to submit information.

   The old Foundation page has been archived and serves as an emergency backup, should the need arise. 

  An alumni board committee assisted Mr. Harris in determining what features to keep and new ones to add. Members were Gerry Montgomery, Cassie Stevens, Beth Gladney, Tom Mauro, Mike Carlisle, Dwight Hunter, and Ray Sullivan, among others.

   Also new is the interactive quality to many pages. Example: By rolling the cursor over a page name, a visitor will see a name or names of drop-down tabs that fit within the page name. For instance, under Salute to You, the tabs are Alumni Kudos, Alumni Sunrise and Alumni Sunset. Click on Salute to You to find forms a reader can fill in to submit information for the section.

   Another new feature, Hall of Valor, appears under the Military page, and honors Colts who were either killed in combat or died accidentally while serving. A form on the main page seeks reader input on themselves or other Colts they know who were in the military.

   Please browse the entire website at your leisure and let us know what changes you favor, or don’t. We welcome your feedback. Email us at:

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