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Name: Terry Hill

Class: 1973

Years Attended: 3

Service Branch: Army

Rank: E-4

Outfit: 2nd Inf Div Military Police

Years Served: 3

Name: Nick Uhernik

Class: 1972

Years Attended: 1969-72

Service Branch: U.S.Army, CA Nat'l Gd

Rank: Sergeant, 95-Bravo-40 (M.O.S.)

Outfit: Fitzsimmons Army Hospital

Years Served: 1972-75; 1995-97

Awards: Bronze Star

Deployments: Germany, Korea, Thailand

Name: Thomas M. Mauro

Class: 1965

Years Attended: 1963-65

Service Branch: U.S. Army

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Outfit: U.S. Army Computer       Systems Command

Years Served: 1971-73

Deployments: Ft. Ben Harrison, IN.;  Ft. Belvoir, VA

Awards: Army Commendation Medal

Name: Nathan Solano

Class: 1968

Years Attended: 1966-68

Service Branch: Army

Rank: Sergeant

Outfit: Americal Division/Recon,

  1st Infantry Division

Years Served: Too many Deployments: Vietnam

Awards: Bronze Star, 3 Air 

  Medals, Combat Infantry Badge

Date: 11/8/2012 7:41 PM

Name: Tom Thompson

Class: 1967

Years Attended: 1964-67

Service Branch: Army

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Outfit: 3rd Battalion, 61st

  Air Defense

Years Served: 1973-77

Deployments: Germany

Awards: Army Commendation


Date: 1/13/2012 10:42 AM

Name: Marvin L. Wilson

Class: 1965

Years Attended: 1963-65

Service Branch: Army

Rank: SPC 4

Outfit: 501ST Sig BN 101ST

 Airborne Division

Years Served: 1966-69

Deployments: Vietnam,

  Dec 1967 to May 1969

Awards: National Defense Service Medal,Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Parachutist Badge

Name: Ed Carleo

Class: 1965

Service Branch: Army

Rank: E-6

Overseas Tour: Vietnam

Years Served: 3

Awards: Bronze Star

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