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Name: Tom Lash

Class: 1965

Years Attended: 1963-65

Branch: USMC

Rank: E-4, Corporal

Years Served: 1966-69

Deployments: Camp Pendleton,   

  CA ; Okinawa

Name: SteveDuarte

Class : 1970

Years Attended: 1967-70

Branch: USMC

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Outfit: Several

Years Served: 29

Name: Ray Sullivan

Class : 1965

Years Attended: 1962-65

Branch: USMC

Years Served: Oct66-Nov69

Rank: Sergeant

Outfit: Echo 2/9, HQ 3rd

   Marine Regiment, 2nd Mar Div

   Air & Naval Gunfire Office

Overseas Tours: Vietnam,   


Citations: Purple Heart, Navy

   Commendation w/V device,

   Presidential Unit Citation


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