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Hall of Fame Individual Recognition


David Wilkerson, Principal

Inductee 1978

First Principal South High School 1959-1973


James D. Smith, Athletic Director 1968-1976

Inductee 1978


John DeNardo


Charles DePietro


Nanine Wainwright (86')

Inductee 1986

Winner of Boettcher Scholarship


Hon. Raymond Dean Jones ('63)

Inductee 1987

Colorado's First African-American District Judge

Mr. Jones has more than 45 years of experience in the legal field. He is an Attorney with The Holt Group, LLC which is a law firm in Denver, Colorado. He specializes in construction law, arbitration and litigation. Mr. Jones serves as a mediator for insurance companies. Previously, he served over 32 years as a Judge. He is a member of the National Bar Association, American Bar Association and the Sam Cary Bar Association. Mr. Jones was born in Colorado and obtained a B.A. from Colorado College in 1967, a J.D. from Harvard University School of Law in 1971 and a Ph.D. (Honorary) from Colorado College. In his spare time he enjoys working with the Colorado elderly community, and tutoring school children.


Mark Rodriquez (87')

Inductee 1987

Football, Colorado "Athlete of the Year"


Jim Daugherty, Coach

Inductee 1989

First Wrestling Coach at South


Martha Gorder, Faculity

Inductee 1990

Ms. Martha Gorder, one of the charter staff, wrote the song at the request of Principal Wilkerson. Ms. Gorder sent her song to a friend in the world famous music department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Movie Studios, and she created the arrangement that we use today. It has been copyrighted and belongs to South High School alone. Ms. Gorder paid with a box of cookies for a professional arrangement that otherwise would have cost thousands of dollars. She founded girls cabinet at South in 1959.  


Jeff Bonaquista (85')

Inductee 1990

Baseball, Played on State/NCAA Championship Teams


Joel Herzog

Inductee 1997

Tennis, 3yr, Letterman, 4yr. College player, Youth instructor

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